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A Steve/Thor Minific 

sequel to Matchmaker Hulk.

Hulk ships Steve/Thor. Note - The italics are what is typed - the Hulk fic that would appear on the Internet, even though I didn’t put it in all caps, since that got a little hard to read on screen. Anything else is Clint’s POV as he assists.

Clint wished he had made a bet with Tony when he had wandered into the Hulk Proof Room - really, more of a Hulk Habitat, Tony had a tendency to downsize everything in the Tower - and found the Hulk using the Internet on a very large screen.

“You really think that’s a good idea?” he asked Tony.

Tony had shrugged. “It’s fine - he just looks at Lolcats and gif sets on Tumblr.” 

And on top of that, what he was about to do wouldn’t even make for a good I told you so  since Tony would find it far too amusing. 

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So, I don’t want to make a habit out of reblogging random fics, but this is too glorious and it must be shared with everyone. NEW RULE! If it is epic avengers fanfic, I will reblog it.

Too good not to reblog. You should also all follow ssfrostiron.


20+ Followers! I know this may seem meager to some of you, but ghroeihgreoih

To me this is a big thing okay? It means at least 20 people like my crappy writing… or some of it at least.
(It’s 23 now, actually, but I didn’t think I’d hit 20 anytime soon, but then I signed back on and EVEN MORE amazing people were following my shitty blog!)

To commemorate this mini-milestone, I bring thee the most pointless of lists: 20 microfics based on head canons from yours truly, some/most of them smutty.

They’re in no particular order or ship. I think there’s something for everyone though… If not, let me know what your pairing/kink is and who knows what might pop up in the future.

Porn of all kinds and flavours under the cut.

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Smartass family - Loki+Tony+Peter
Summary: Peter can take care of himself, but has overbearing parents and siblings.
Notes: Fill for this prompt that was dropped in my ask box. It’s turning into a two parter, because I didn’t wanna hold out on you patient people any longer.
Words: 636


“Hey mom, hey dad,” Peter muttered, his head ducked down low in his hoody and in quite the hurry he scurries past his parents, in a rush to make it to his room.
“Hey Petey,” Tony said absently from behind the tablet. Unfortunately for Peter, Loki was not as easily fooled by the bratty teenage behavior. The green eyed god’s attention snapped up and to the young teen, who was already halfway up the stairs.
“What is wrong?” He cut in, forgoing the pleasantries of greetings and questions about his general well-being. The way the boy froze in place spoke volumes.

“Nothing.” Peter replied. “Got a lot of homework.” A thin and weak lie and they both knew it. Loki couldn’t help but feel a twang of disappointed over how much the boy took after his father in that very moment, despite all the God’s hard work and effort.
“I raised you to lie better than that.” Loki pointed out and he could see Peter’s shoulders sag, just a fraction, in defeat.

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He would know

“Tony, you couldn’t even do it for me. Why go monogamous now, for him, of all the people in the worl—universe!” Pepper had asked in a voice thick with an all-too-familiar strain of worry and stress. The answer was simple, but probably not what she wanted to hear.

“If it makes you feel any better, it’s not like it’s a conscious effort for monogamy, more of a… can’t cheat the god of mischief. You know?”


MicroFic? Drabble? Whatever, short but anything > nothing, right? I’ve been having a hard time writing, and have a lot of Tony feels, so bear with me… x_X


Also on devART
“Admit it Anthony,” Loki practically purred, making Tony’s alcohol scented breath hitch. “You missed me.” -Tony Time
Illustration to go with shipalltheavengers’ fic as per our unholy alliance 83



Also on devART

“Admit it Anthony,” Loki practically purred, making Tony’s alcohol scented breath hitch. “You missed me.”
-Tony Time

Illustration to go with shipalltheavengers’ fic as per our unholy alliance 83



Bottom two &gt; all the rest! #FrostIron &amp; #Thorki and others Ship all the Avengers by =Nyo-tama

Art reblog because that&#8217;s the best name for a piece of art ever.


Bottom two > all the rest! #FrostIron & #Thorki and others Ship all the Avengers by =Nyo-tama

Art reblog because that’s the best name for a piece of art ever.

PLEASE write some smartass family!!!!!! There is not enough! Could you do a fic where Peter is getting picked on at school, and Loki deals with it?

Just wanted to let you (all) know (waaaaay belated!) that I kind of love this prompt and I’m totally gonna do it. You’ve given me a ton of ideas to write about with this simple prompt ILU. I’ve got some of it worked out already but life sort of got in the way of me and then drabbles happened so hence the delay!

But it’s coming as are some of the other anonymous prompts I’ve received, I promise <3 Thanks for all the input and the ask is always open for more <3

The Best Policy

The Best Policy

FrostIron - Loki/Tony
Summary: There’s a grain of truth to every good lie.
Notes: More doodles… Hope you enjoy! Will try to get some requests/prompts out of the way soon.
Words: 670


“Tony Stark!” Thor’s voice sounded, clearly attempting a quiet register but still managing a bombastic boom in the dead quiet hallway and managing to startle Tony.
“Son of a cock loving whore, don’t they ever sleep on Asgard? It’s fucking exhausting!”
He swallowed back the nerves that instantly leapt up from the pit of his stomach and stayed his hand from opening his bedroom door. So close and yet so far, caught sneaking about his own house….
“We require less sleep than you Midgardians do, apparently. For several nights I’ve seen you sneaking about in the dark, what is it you hide from us all?” The Norse god demanded to know.
“Fuck, so that’s why eh?” Tony wondered with resignation. “But I’m doing nothing you would want to know.” He responded to the question with a pleasant grin, purposely leaning his elbow on the doorjamb to stop anyone – ha! – from getting in.
“You are not the type to be coy, come on, share!” The thunderer invited cheerfully and stepped forward, ready to prove nothing would prevent most of the Avengers from entering a room they wanted access to.

“Ah, no, Thor. Just no.” Tony straightened up and he pushed a hand lightly against Thor’s chest to stop him in his actions. Despite it lacking his usual scathing wit or any real force, the gesture seemed to work just fine.
“Seriously Man of Iron… what do you hide in there that you cannot share with a friend?” The nosey god wondered once more, frowning down on Tony.
“If you really must know: Your brother. Naked. There’s a lot of leather, chains and chocolate syrup involved. It’s hot as shit and I don’t want you ruining the mood by going all squeal-y and family-feelings on his ass. I’ve other plans with that ass.” Tony explained bluntly, giving Thor a pointed look.

Thor looked at him befuddled for several moments and Tony just shrugged innocently, face completely stoic and schooled from practicing his poker face on Pepper and Rhodey all these years.
“I told you,” He reminded the blonde demi-god. “Nothing you would want to know about.”

“Captain America was right.” Thor said after a few quiet moments passed, and he sounded oddly miffed for a man of his stature. “Everything is a joke to you. If you do not wish to share you need only say so.” He continued to huff and with an indignant jut of his jaw the thunder god turned away from Tony and the bedroom door he’d been guarding with his life.
“It’s not a joke!” Tony called after Thor. “I’ve got Loki, in my bed.” But the god ignored him now, as Clint had done before him when curiosity had gotten the better of the hawk.

When it was clear Thor had lost all interest Tony finally entered his bedroom and locked the door behind him.

“Close call.” Loki mused cheekily, not bothering to cover up or show any sign of modesty and Tony took it as an invitation to appreciate the vast expanse of pale flesh sprawled luxuriously over the bed. The trickster looked quite in place against the backdrop of Tony’s usual expensive taste.
“I think I did okay.” Tony remarked with a quirk to his lips as he finally looked up to meet Loki’s eyes. “You’re not the only one who can lie, liesmith.”
“You’re not even lying. Your so-called friends just don’t take you serious. Not even for a second.” Loki drawled with an innocent smile on his face that was anything but innocent.
“The best lies have a core of truth, you should know that.” Tony sneered back, placing a new bottle of water on the bedside table and stripping off his shirt.
“Leave the lying to me from now on and spare your energy Stark.” Loki responded, a smarmy look on his face. “Aside from needing less sleep, we’ve got far, far more stamina than you mortals as well.” The liesmith promised Tony in a low purr. “You’ll need your strength.”

Tony’s Late Night “Tony Time”

Tony Time

Pairing: FrostIron - Loki/Tony
Summary: Tony is alone, drunk and horny. A common but bad combination.
Notes: I woke up with this idea and would’ve drawn this for the lolz if I could actually… you know… draw. Since I can’t, 221 words of FrostIron.


The buzz of alcohol was warm in his gut, a sharp contrast to the biting cold against his skin. The chill seeped painfully into the bones of his hand and Tony drew in a deep, shuddering breath after swallowing compulsively.  Painful, but in a good and familiar way that he wanted. He slowly closed his eyes, letting the chills of the cold and anticipation tighten his skin.

“Why is your hand under a bag of ice?” An all-too-well-known silken voice cut in on his private-me-time. Tony’s eyes flew open and, despite the alcohol, focused almost immediately on the trickster standing in the doorway, watching him. He looked casual; as far as Loki ever looked casual in the well-tailored suits and fancy scarves he loved. Fuck knew how long he’d been standing there and Tony licked his lips quickly, pupils blown wide.

“No reason. I like ice in my scotch.” He lied to the liesmith, and poorly at that. A mocking smile played on Loki’s lips as he pulled the thin leather gloves off of his hands and approached Stark with purpose. He grabbed the bag of ice cubes that had indeed been resting on Tony’s hand and dropped it to the floor next to the chair.
“Admit it Anthony,” Loki practically purred, making Tony’s alcohol scented breath hitch. “You missed me.”